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The 20th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry 2017 (CRSI-NSC-20) is being organized during 3-5 February 2017 along with 11th CRSI-RSC Joint Symposium on 2nd February 2017 at Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam. The details of the symposium can be found at 

CRSI-ACS Meeting

CRSI-ACS Meeting will be held on January 23, 2017 at IISER Bhopal. Click here for details.

What is New?

Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES)

The Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) is part of the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES), a unique association of major chemical societies throughout Asia and the Pacific. ACES is collaborating with Wiley-VCH in the publication of top-quality chemistry journals with an international readership. ACES was founded in 2005 and its publishing activities are represented foremost by its flagship journal Chemistry–An Asian Journal.

All participating societies in ACES share a commitment to scientific excellence, to publishing ethics, and to the highest standards in publication. ACES consists of the following chemical societies:

Chinese Chemical Society, Chemical Research Society of India, Chemical Society of Japan, Korean Chemical Society, Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Chemical Society Located in Taipei, China, Hong Kong Chemical Society, The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc., Chemical Society of Thailand, Institut Kimia Malaysia, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, Chemical Society of Vietnam.

and is supported by:

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society) and ChemPubSoc Europe


Chemistry - An Asian Journal


Chemistry–An Asian Journal is a sister journal of Chemistry–A European Journal and Angewandte Chemie and was first published in 2006 with a unique history and concept. It is co-owned by the Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES) and is supported by the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, Germany Chemical Society) and ChemPubSoc Europe.

Chemistry–An Asian Journal is an international high-impact journal for chemistry in its broadest sense (2010 Impact Factor: 4.188). The journal covers all aspects of chemistry from biochemistry through organic and inorganic chemistry to physical and analytical chemistry and everything in between. Articles in Chemistry–An Asian Journal cover a broad range of interdisciplinary topics, particularly in the areas of materials science, energy, and nanotechnology.

Chemistry–An Asian Journal publishes Full Papers, Communications, and Focus Reviews, as well as special-feature articles such as Essays, Community Reports, and Society Spotlights.

An esteemed Editorial Board (chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Ryoji Noyori) in cooperation with a professional international editorial team located at Wiley-VCH, Weinheim ensure the highest quality of the peer-review process, the contents, and the production of the journal.

cover CAJ 9 2011


Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry




AsianJOC is designed to be a top-ranked international research journal with primary publications and critical secondary information from authors across the world. The journal covers organic chemistry in its entirety. Authors and readers come from academia, the chemical industry, and government laboratories.

AsianJOC is a sister journal of Chemistry—An Asian Journal and the European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC).





Wiley-VCH has always been a strong partner to societies, as established already in its origins:

It was founded in 1921 as Verlag Chemie by several chemical societies which later became the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society). Since 1996 it is, as Wiley-VCH, part of the renowned international publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., which was founded in 1807.

From the very beginning, Wiley-VCH has cooperated closely with an ever-increasing number of scientific societies and associations such as the German Chemical Society (GDCh, owner of Angewandte Chemie), ChemPubSoc Europe (an association of 16 national chemistry societies from continental Europe, owners of Chemistry–A European Journal), and many others, like DECHEMA, going beyond Chemistry to Physics, Materials Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Together with these society partners, an extensive journals and books program has been developed that is held in high esteem, especially among readers worldwide but also among societies as well as librarians and authors. To serve scientific societies all over the world is one of the most important missions of Wiley-VCH, see as well as its online service

The integration within the global John Wiley & Sons, Inc. allows Wiley-VCH to distribute chemistry knowledge in every country around the world. The high demands made by its authors, customers, and partners commit Wiley-VCH to make an exceptional effort with regard to the quality of its products and services. The basis for this is fairness in cooperating with all its partners, societies in particular.



Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has been a valued source of information and understanding for more than 200 years, helping people around the world meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations. Wiley and its acquired companies have published the works of more than 450 Nobel laureates in all categories: Literature, Economics, Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, and Peace. It is the world's leading society publisher. Wiley's global headquarters are located in Hoboken, New Jersey, with operations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. The Company's Web site can be accessed at The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols JWa and JWb.