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The 23rd CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry (CRSI-NSC-23) is being organized during July 13-15, 2018 at IISER, Bhopal. It is mandatory for the student participants to become lifetime member of CRSI to participate in the meeting and present a poster.

Please visit the "Join Us" page for details about lifetime membership. The registration fee for these students to participate in the CRSI-NSC-23 will be waived. Click here for more details about the symposium. The first circular can be downloaded here.


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Awards: Year - 2012

Lifetime achievement award (CRSI Gold Medal)
V. Krishnan Bangalore


CRSI Medal
Arun K. Ghosh Purdue
K. Kalyanasundaram Lausanne
M. A. Subramanian Corvallis


Silver Medal
Uday Maitra Bangalore
Tulsi Mukherjee Mumbai
T. P. Radhakrishnan Hyderabad
Harkesh B. Singh Mumbai


Bronze Medal
J. K. Bera Kanpur
B. M. Bhanage Mumbai
A. Dandia Jaipur
P. Dastidar Kolkata
H. N. Ghosh Mumbai
Kallol K. Ghosh Raipur
Pradyut Ghosh Kolkata
V. R. Pedireddi Bhubaneswar
M. Ravikanth Mumbai
M. Swaminathan Chidambaram
G. Panda
C. N. R. Rao Award Lecture (Instituted by AVRA Labs) Reshef Tenne (Rehovot)
C. N. R. Rao National Prize for Chemical Research A. K. Tyagi (Mumbai)
Animesh Chakravorty Endowment Lecture Franc Meyer (Goettingen)
Mizhushima-Raman Lecture Teizo Kitagawa (Nagakute)